How to Choose Suitable Grease for Precision Bearing

Because the precision of precision bearing itself is within one μ m, the equal parts (shaft, bearing seat, end cover, retaining ring, etc.) are required to have very high dimensional precision and shape precision. Also, the selection of different precision bearing grease is essential.

The lubricating greases for precision bearings at home and abroad can be roughly classified into the following categories:

  1. Lubricating oil for a particular environment can resist corrosion and prolong the service life of bearing. It is mainly used in chemical plants and also in bearings of jet engines.


  1. High temperature, high speed, long life, and low noise grease, which belongs to polyurea and complex lithium grease series. The application temperature can reach 180 ℃, and the speed can meet the needs of 10000r / min. The application occasions are generally vacuum cleaner, electric tools, automobile alternator, air pump, and other motor bearings.


  1. General-purpose low noise grease, which is generally made of lithium soap thickened mineral oil. It is mainly used for electrical equipment and motors with little speed or intermittent operation. Its advantages are low cost, visible vibration reduction performance, but its working temperature range is narrow, grease leakage at high speed, easy to heat, and massive power consumption of the motor.


  1. High speed, low temperature, and low noise bearing grease, which is generally made of a synthetic oil thickened with a lithium soap. It is mainly used for long-life and high-speed bearings, such as air conditioning, electric fans, precision instruments, aviation equipment, instrument motors, etc. Its advantages are apparent vibration reduction performance, long service life, and low starting torque at low temperatures. The disadvantage is high cost, low vibration performance in nv2 bearing is not apparent; the high-temperature loss is significant.


  1. High and low-temperature speed, long life, low noise grease, excellent top and low-temperature performance, small starting torque, which can meet the requirements of bearing lubrication with D * n value more than 100000, such as electromagnetic clutch for automobile air conditioning device, air conditioning compressor bearing, etc. The disadvantage is the high price.


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