World’s first 3D printed electric luxury sports car

The automotive industry is one of the sectors with the highest degree of automation, and it is also the industry with the highest demand for robots. Take the Tesla Super Factory as an example, and there are no less than 150 robots involved in its four primary manufacturing links.
At the same time, automobile manufacturing is an industry with extremely high requirements on quality and technology. However, there are still international challengers who are trying to use 3D printing to give the automation, high flexibility, and other requirements required by automobile manufacturing. Process characteristics can also create a new business model of customized cars.
Czinger is a super-luxury sports car that sells for about $ 1.7 million and can be customized according to users’ ideas. In addition to its calm exterior, the interior of this car is full of modernity and high-tech. The real fun is plenty of 3D printed zeros. From the suspension wishbone to the dashboard, everything is a masterpiece of 3D printing in aluminum and titanium alloys.
Some parts have also achieved multi-functional integration, including 3D printed automobile front ends, which not only have a fabulous curvy feel but also are filled with 3D printed honeycomb structures, which can achieve collision safety protection. Parts such as the exhaust muffler not only act as a muffler but also as part of a rear impact structure. The 3D printed rectangular exhaust nozzle can spit out X-shaped flames in the over-limit position. These interesting parts represent an upgrade of human creativity with the help of new manufacturing technologies.
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