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What is Alumina Nanoparticle used for

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Lithium battery diaphragm finish product:
High pureness nano alumina is applied to the favorable as well as unfavorable diaphragm of lithium battery as a ceramic finish, which plays the function of heat resistance, heat resistance as well as insulation, so regarding stop the power battery from short circuit as a result of heat and also diaphragm melting.

Additives for cathode products of lithium batteries:
High pureness nano-alumina doped with lithium cobalt as well as lithium manganate can enhance thermal stability, cycle performance and overcharge resistance, prevent the development of oxygen as well as the decomposition of LiPF6, stay clear of direct get in touch with in between LiCo02 and electrolyte, lower the loss of electrochemical particular capability, and also boost the electrochemical specific capacity of LiCoO2.

Driver carrier:
High purity γ& gamma;-kind nano-alumina is a porous substance with an interior surface area of thousands of square meters per gram, high activity as well as solid adsorption capacity. It is a frequently utilized adsorbent, stimulant as well as catalyst carrier in petroleum refining and also petrochemical industry; it is a deacidizing agent for transformer oil and wind turbine oil in industry, and also it is additionally utilized for chromatographic evaluation; it is a neutral and solid desiccant in the laboratory, its drying out ability is no less than that of phosphorus pentoxide, and it can be restored and also reused after heating below 175 ℃ for 6-8 hours.

Powder finish anti-caking:
In summer season, nano-alumina can properly avoid powder finish caking. Nanometer aluminum trioxide used in powder finishings can improve the fluffiness of powder finishes as well as have great anti-caking effect. It has great storability for powder finishes made use of in heat as well as high humidity setting.

Covering, rubber, plastic wear-resistant as well as hardening representative:
Adding 5-20% nano-alumina, the finish can significantly enhance the wear resistance and scrape resistance of the finish, which is 2-5 times greater than that of the traditional finish. After nano-alumina is included in the paint, a very great, uniform and also tough network structure can be formed on the paint surface, which protects the polymer paint layer from damage. the scratch resistance of nano-paint is 3 times higher than that of the initial paint. it is commonly used in automobile paint and more. The addition of nano-aluminum trioxide can dramatically boost the hardness of the finishing, as well as about 20% can reach 6-7H. The openness of the layer is not affected.

Plastic, rubber, adhesive, paint thermal conductivity:
Alumina solitary crystal thermal conductivity of 30, nanometer alumina, high thermal conductivity, huge spherical filling. In order to enhance the compatibility of resin matrix as well as fillers, boost the thermal conductivity of matrix materials as well as not minimize its mechanical properties, surface treatment agents such as coupling representatives are generally made use of to boost the thermal conductivity.

Nano alumina has high pureness, consistent particle dimension and great dispersion. When around 10% alumina is included in the sintered porcelains, the developing stress boosts, which can reduce the variety of pores, therefore raise the density of the ceramic blank, improve the thickness and mechanical residential properties of the sintered alumina ceramics, and decrease the sintering temperature level better.

Powder metallurgy:
Nano alumina for metallurgy has little particle size, huge certain surface area as well as high activity, adding 1-3% nano-alumina to prevent matrix densification and also grain dimension, improve hardness, improve electric conductivity as well as mechanical buildings, as well as improve melting factor and high temperature resistance.

Sprucing up:
Alumina fragments are consistent, have high sphericity, and are accuracy brightening powder, is an excellent material for metallographic polishing, however also suitable for stainless-steel mirror sprucing up, titanium polishing, cast iron polishing, aluminum mirror sprucing up, stone mirror sprucing up, paint sprucing up, resin sprucing up, PCB circuit board polishing, glass polishing, optical glass, glasses lens sprucing up, material lens sprucing up, sapphire polishing, LED polishing, germanium polishing. Zinc sprucing up, quick sprucing up, good brightness, no scrapes.

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