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Laser ablation waterborne synthesis and characterization of elemental boron nanoparticles for biomedical applications

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Boron-based nanomaterials have great potential in biomedical applications, including light and boron neutron capture therapy. Still, using currently available chemical and plasma synthesis methods, it isn’t easy to manufacture non-toxic water-dispersible boron nanoparticles (NPs) with the highest concentration of boron atoms. Recently, scientists have demonstrated the synthesis of clean boron NPs from solid boron targets in water using the femtosecond laser ablation method, without any toxic organic solvents, and characterized their properties.

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Scientists demonstrated the purification of boron NPs from residual boric acid in Electrodeionization water, followed by encapsulation with polyethylene glycol to improve colloidal stability and biocompatibility. Research has found that the formed NPs are spherical with an average size of about 37 nm, mainly composed of boron elements, mostly in an amorphous phase, and have a certain amount of crystal fraction. The synthesized NPs exhibit low toxicity and strong absorption in the near-infrared window with relative tissue transparency. In addition to being used for neutron capture therapy, they are also expected to be used for photoacoustic imaging and phototherapy. This potential ability to generate imaging and therapeutic functions makes laser-synthesized B NPs a promising multifunctional biomedical application agent.

Boron and its compounds (boron nitride, boron carbide, etc.) exhibit a series of unique properties and are widely used in various applications, including microelectronics, quantum dot synthesis, combustion catalysis, photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution, and oxygen evolution reactions. Biomedicine is also considered one of the potential beneficiaries of boron-based compounds.

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Due to its conductivity and electron emission characteristics, boron powder is used to manufacture semiconductors, solar cells, and other electronic components.

Chemical Industry&Materials Science

Boron powder is crucial in producing borate salts and is widely used in flame retardants, glass and ceramic manufacturing, and water treatment. In addition, it is also mixed with other metals to enhance its performance.

(Boron Powder)

Agriculture&Plant Growth

As a fertilizer, boron powder is used to solve the problem of boron deficiency in soil, thereby promoting crop growth.


Due to its oxidizing properties, boron powder is mixed with other components to produce fireworks and other fireworks.


Due to its antibacterial properties, boron powder is used to treat certain health conditions, such as ulcers and gum disease.

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