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Engineering ceramics and functional ceramics in new ceramic materials

wallpapers News 2021-06-03
Engineering ceramics
The ceramics used in engineering structures are called engineering ceramics, which are mainly used at high temperatures, also known as high-temperature structural ceramics. This kind of ceramics with alumina as the main raw material, has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, ablation resistance at high temperature, in the air can withstand the high temperature of 1980℃, is an important material in space technology, military technology, atomic energy, industry and chemical equipment and other fields. There are many kinds of engineering ceramics, but most research in the world, think that the most promising three kinds of materials are silicon chloride, silicon carbide and toughening oxide.
Functional ceramics
Piezoceramics are functional ceramics that convert pressure into electrical energy. Even a small amount of pressure, like the vibrations of sound waves, can cause them to deform, causing the surface to become electrically charged. The gas electronic lighter made of the piezoelectric ceramic column instead of ordinary flint can be lit for tens of thousands of times continuously.
The main composition of transparent ceramic has magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, calcium fluoride. Transparent ceramics can not only pass through light but also have high mechanical strength and hardness. Transparent ceramics can also be used to make high-speed cutters on lathes, parts for jet engines and tank viewing Windows. They can even be used instead of stainless steel.
Silicon nitride high strength ceramics are famous for their high strength and can be used in the manufacture of gas turbine burners, blades, turbines, etc.
Precision ceramic ammoniation silicon instead of heat resistant metal manufacturing engine parts, the workpiece temperature can be greatly improved, thus improve the thermal efficiency, reduce the fuel consumption, save energy and reduce the volume and weight of the engine, and replaces the important metal materials such as nickel, chromium, such as sodium, so, is seen by some as a revolution of the engine.

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