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What is the use of aqueous boride nitride emulsion?

wallpapers News 2021-04-20
What is aqueous boron nitride emulsion
Aqueous boron nitride emulsion is an inert inorganic high temperature lubricating material. It does not bond or penetrate the molten metal liquid, and can completely protect the surface of the refractory material or ceramic vessel.
Application of aqueous boron nitride emulsion
Boron nitride emulsions have been widely used in aerospace, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy, electricity and military system. They are suitable for chimney flue, high temperature steam tubes, heat exchanger, high temperature furnace, high temperature desulfurization equipment, oil and petrochemical cracking equipment, engine parts and exhaust pipe anti-corrosion.
Borboro nitride emulsion can be used in the fields of casting, gravity / low pressure casting, forging, powder metallurgy, etc. of aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other alloys.
Boron nitride emulsion is widely used in the surface of the washing tank, distribution tank, casting table liner, filter box, adapter plate, cast rolling nozzle material, slag, steel bag, etc., to protect the mold from corrosion and expand the fire The scope of use of materials.
During the production process, boron nitride emulsion prevents fine impurities from penetrating into the molten metal, resulting in secondary pollution and greatly improving product quality.
Boron nitride emulsion also has excellent lubricity and antioxidant capacity in a high temperature environment, and can maintain its unique lubricity, non-stick, anti-stick, anti-corrosion and oxide or graphite. performance.
In addition to protecting various refractory materials, boron nitride emulsions have excellent chemical corrosion and anti-adhesive protection in other fields.
Most molten metal, salts, flux and slag do not moist the boron nitride emulsion.
Boron nitride emulsion can resist molten metal corrosion and light metal scum.
Excellent Isolation Plane / Boron nitride emulsion is unconventional.
The boron nitride emulsion helps remove the cured metal.
Water-based boron nitride emulsion packaging and transportation
According to the amount of aqueous boron nitride emulsion, we have many different types of fillers.
Water-based boron nitride emulsion packaging: 25kg / barrel, or according to your requirements.
Water-based boron nitride emulsion: Once the payment receipt is received, it can be shipped through the shipping, air, and express delivery.
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